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             Mixed Media Artist

Elena Méndez Cancio Bello


     Was born in 1973 in San Juan Puerto Rico. Daughter of a Cuban mother and Puerto Rican father, son of Spanish immigrants. Elena obtained a bachelor's degree in marketing from Bentley University, Massachusetts. She returned to Puerto Rico, where she acquired a Master's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. At the same time, she pursued her lifetime passion for the arts taking courses at Liga de Arte de San Juan and got Certified as a spiritual guide by Dra. Aury Moya at the School of Oriental Psychology, San Juan, Puerto Rico. She then moves to New Orleans, Louisiana and devotes herself full time to fine arts, studying photography at Tulane University and painting at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts while doing internships with different local artists. Later, Elena returned to the island of Puerto Rico, and studied at the Museum of Puerto Rico with well known local artists.

     Her pictorial work always addresses themes of emotions and mental states, rich in color and layers of paint. In her sculpture and installations she uses different kinds of materials, highlighting in her career fiber, ceramic, iron, aluminium and recycled materials. Tireless with experimentation and the modern movement, Elena begins to integrate in her pieces the use of machines, such as the "routers" and 3D printers, in order to create a dichotomy in her proposal and analyze the point of balance.



2022.    "Colectivo @ Art Cerra en Santurce" El Nuevo Dia. December 2, 2022, San Juan PR

2021.    "La Santa Gallera en la Calle Cerra" EL Nuevo Dia, December 7, 2021. FLash & Cultura, Calendario, San Juan ,PR.

2018     “Exhiben visiones posthuracán” El Nuevo Día. May 5, 2018,San Juan, PR. p.55

2018     “Elena Méndez y Hubert Caño presentan visions de la isla por María” El Nuevo Día. May 2, 2018. San Juan, PR

2018     “Arte erótico en Santurce”. El Vocero. Feb.23,2018

2016     “Entre razas, sabores y colores…”, El Vocero. Oct.22, 2016. San Juan, PR.

2016     “Con todo el esplendor Caribeño”, El Nuevo Dia (San Juan,PR) Oct.22, 2016. Flash & Cultura, p.55

2016     “Criolla & Caribeña”, El Nuevo Dia (San Juan, PR), Sept. 8, 2016 p.58


2014      Dianne Bras, “Santurce es Ley 5: Más allá del valor  

              estético del Arte” August 11, 2014


2012      “Postura que los ayuda a integrarse”, Primera Hora, May 23, 2012

2011      “La mujer que todo lo puede”, Carmen Graciela Díaz,

              EL Nuevo Día (San Juan, PR)  May 6, 2011, (San Juan, PR) p.78              

2010      “Agasajo artístico”, El Nuevo Día, May 23, 2010

2010      “Vida independiente con Síndrome Down”. June 10, 2010

2010      “Arte por buena causa”, El Nuevo Día, June 4, 2010

2010      “Celebración pro-fondos FPDS”, El Vocero, June 2010

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